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We squeeze the growth 

in sales out of loyalty

About us


If we were to inform you, in brief, what we do, we would say that we provide you with business assets. How do we do that? We listen to what you are saying. We analyse the data. We diagnose the problem. We start the process of designing your business asset. We supply efficient, sales supporting solutions.


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Well-selected and efficient tools.

Our products have been tested many times in practical applications. We have motivated and awarded almost 500,000 participants.


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Solutions instead of problems

We are always able to find innovative solutions for an urgent need to solve the problem of declining loyalty and engagement in b2b and b2c. We know that indifference poses a challenge for ‘troubleshooting’ solutions.

We also know that promises that sound good need to be kept. This is why we have expanded our long-term experience in designing loyalty schemes with new tools for the stimulation of customer engagement.


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Sales Booster

Loyalty program that will boost your sales

We will design a customised program addressing your vital sales targets. For that very reason we have developed a unique engagement management system Sales Booster.


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Our products have many times been tested in practical applications. We have motivated and awarded 500,000 participants in total.

The loyalty of our clients is the measurement of our efficiency.

Our clients

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