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A cashback program is a simple solution to implement. It is user-friendly and convenient for the user. Returning a portion of the funds from a transaction is beneficial, and the presence of a personalised card in the wallet maintains and builds brand awareness for the customer.

The key to the success of the cashback program is the automation of the point gaining process and cash transfers to the card.

We are able to carry out the this mechanism in three ways:


through API implementation into the sales system


sales reports


of invoice or other purchase proof

The cashback program organised by MPL Verbum has many advantages:

Mobile application to register invoice or proof of purchase

Monthly billing of the marketing and rewards budget

Personalised prepaid card with logo of your company

Various forms of automation of point calculation

Possibility of development with additional, temporary promotions


Simple and quick invoice registration. Take a picture of your invoice or use one of the other options to register your purchase and collect your points.


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