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Level.Up is an innovative tool that will efficiently increase your sales results without rewarding the sale itself!


Level.Up uses the microlearning method, which contributes to sales growth by building employee competences.

  • It involves providing small portions of knowledge several times a week.
  • Available through a mobile application and web platform.
  • Uses gamification elements while maintaining transparent and straightforward rules.
  • Rewards the participant's commitment, not the level of sales target achievement.

An employee who acquires knowledge about a product is more willing to recommend it to his clients, which has a direct impact on increasing results.


This tool is aimed at:


The company's sales teams;

Distributor traders;

Employees of trade partners;

Employees of retail and wholesale outlets;

Sales representatives.


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"Nothing is particularly hard if you divide it into small jobs."

Henry Ford

The use of Level.Up is an effective way to high employee efficiency; we have already checked it!

Provides knowledge in small portions.

It takes several minutes a day to use it.

Does not require a high prize budget.

Has a simple and transparent mechanism.

Rewards the participant's commitment.

Increases sales indirectly.

Available as a web platform and a mobile application for iOS and Android.

It has been tested and has been successfully implemented.

Please do not limit yourself to theory, check our product in practice!

Contact us - this tool is waiting for you!


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