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The loyalty of our clients

is the measurement of our efficiency.


The loyalty of our clients is the measurement of our efficiency.

Solutions instead of problems

We are always able to find innovative solutions for an urgent need to solve the problem of declining loyalty and engagement in b2b and b2c. We know that indifference poses a challenge for ‘troubleshooting’ solutions.

We also know that promises that sound good need to be kept. This is why we have expanded our long-term experience in designing loyalty schemes with new tools for the stimulation of customer engagement.

We supply solutions that effectively change the purchasing habits of your key market players.

What is your biggest problem that you urgently need to solve? Check our offer and choose a product that best suits your needs. Do you need assistance? You can always count on our experts.

Do you want to boost your sales?

Question: You know what sales targets you want to meet but you do not know what program can help you do it?
Reply: Use the system solution of creating the purchasing habits
Product: Sales Booster

Build loyalty in b2b?

Question: Do you know how much you want to engage the participants in your program?
Reply: The degree of desirable engagement shall be specified in the analysis process - it is worth entrusting experts with carrying out such an analysis.
Product: Loyalty program, Sales Booster

Do you need loyalty in b2c?

Question: Do you know who you want to target?
Reply: You must know not only who your target groups are to appropriately communicate with them but you must also find out what they need. This will require an in-depth analysis of the market - we can easily help you do it.
Product: Loyalty program, Sales Booster

Do you want to create high engagement?

Question: Is the lack of engagement of the key market players a problem that keeps you awake at night?
Reply: Use gaming with key game features reinforced with alternative scenarios - we will guide you through all the works required in a gaming program.
Product: Sales Booster

You do not know how to deliver the awards?

Question: You operate the program and you know what you want to give but you do not know how?
Reply: We will happily deal with the logistics and tax optimization for you.

Pull or Push? What to choose?

Question: You are not sure whether to “pull” or to “push”? Or maybe “pull” and “push”? You are not sure how?
Reply: Simple questions are sometimes the most difficult - this is one of them. We can help you find the right answer.

Defensively or pro-actively? What tools to use?

Question: Do you want to maintain your status quo or change your market position?
Reply: Many loyalty tools can be used for different purposes, depending on your goals, you can adapt them to your needs. You will need to start with a preliminary analysis.

B2B or B2C: analysis and strategy: How to do it efficiently?

Question: You are not 100% sure which distribution channel is optimal for you?
Reply: Limited resources are always motivation for making tough decisions - the decision shall, however, be dictated with a strategy that will allow you to maximise your benefits. Start with an analysis - we can do it together with you.
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